Group Exhibition ... och skuggorn
Gallery Backlund, Göteborg, 2021

I utställningen...och skuggornapresenteras verk av sju samtida konstnärer. I skilda material och med olika utgångspunkter förenas de genom arbetet med fragment – fysiska och mentala.

Styrofoamsculpture with epoxy surface, synthetichair in textile.


Karin Karinson
Sara Västerlund
Zehra Ay
Maja Kristin Nylander
Karin Gissberg
Anja Fredell

The Mute, The Blind And The Deaf, Amen! 

Plaster model

2020 Group Show December Salon, Gothenburg Art Association, Sweden

Bröstens Klagosång

(The Breast's Lamentation)
Frölunda Torg, Mall in Gothenburg, Sweden
January 2020

Video installation in mall.
Metal construction, mat, shower curtains, headphones, wooden bench and tv screen with video.

The text in the video was created based on a conversation with a focus group of three women that all had breast reduction surgery.
It gives voice to experiences about breasts as a problem.
A problem, physically and mentally. .
The style of the video is created as a karaoke that invites you to sing a long.

Video stills

Leave Them Alone

Ghen, Belgium 2020

The flaggs used in the manifestation was made into a sculpture together with casted glass.

Carved found wooden sticks, thread, textile with embroidered text, casted glass, potatoes, string and macramé.


This manifestation has two central locations where Mammelokker is portrayed. Mammelokker comes from an old roman legend that tells of a man sentenced to starvation in prison. He heroically survives since his daughter is able to visit him so that he can be breastfeed by her.Both of the artworks (the stone sculpture and the mural) are made by male artists, giving a male perspective on the story.

This manifestation wants to give a female perspective which I find more relevant to the story.

The song is using the scar as a metaphor of describing the mental effects like internalised male gaze. Boobes are constantly beeing sexualised and women with big boobes are often deminished to being/feeling like they are only a pair of breasts. There is a male perspective and gaze associated with how breasts are portrayed which affects how women see their own bodies.
Making this music video is an attempt to heal those scars and to claim self ownership of the female body.

The clay sculpture made for the music video

was featured in the Zomersalon

Ghent Kunsthal 2020

Von Dittersdorf On Nose Flut

Gothenburg Museum of Art


Von Dittersdofr is the name of the composer of the piece that is played on the nose flute.
​The video was recorded in Gothenburg museum of art in which the video piece was later exhibited.
The video mixes high and low culture and plays with norms associated with it.
The sound is the focus in this exhibition, using the the acoustics of the room.

Sound #3 Objects and Communication
For the third time Gothenburg Museum of Art exhibit sound pieces together with the collection of sculptures and paintings.
Which sounds belong in a museum? How do we relate sound to objects?


Solo Exhibition

Gallery Monitor, Gothenburg 2019

Tonsure is the religious act of cutting or shaving one’s hair as a sacrifice to God.
​The full head is shaved within Hinduism and is sold within the global hair trade. The model of that rite was used to lead the visitors through the exhibition.

It starts with a possibility to give collect and then lathed wood with hair trenses connecting them as they for a que that lead up to the icon triptych inspired from Catholicism. Instead of a virgin Mary my centre piece includes bowing heads and a painted people crowd.
The visitor becomes their own Gods in that way. This is a connections to going to a rock concert (that could be seen as a kind of religion or worship in Sweden) where showing that one belong to the group is very important. Like buying a band t-shirt, that were sold in the exhibition.

Icon Triptych: turned wood pellars, fabric, hairdressing practice heads, wallpaper, acrylic paint.

​In the last step visitors were asked to sacrifice around 10 strands of hair that were made into a hair trens.

That is the same technique as the hair in-between the wood pillars.
​Subject of interests are idolization and group identity.

Public intervention

Synthetic wig by measurements for bronz bust depicting​ Charles Lindley 

Järntorget 2018